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Audioquest Silver Extreme Interconnect Cables

Imagine a Solid Silver pair of Audioquest audio interconnects for less $100?? Now you can own a pair of Solid FPS silver cables for only $99.95 for a 1 meter pair. Features include Hard Cell foam PE dielectric, fully shielded with high quality FEP insulated RCA plugs. Most lengths available. Quantities are limited, so order yours today. Original List price $400/pair. On Sale now for only   $99.95 / 1 meter pair

SPECIAL PURCHASE..... AudioQuest Coral/CQ Interconnect Cable

Our special volume purchase makes it easy for you to upgrade to the superb sound of AudioQuest's Solid PSC copper conductors. Coral/CQ is an extremely musical and transparent sounding cable, outperforming older AudioQuest models costing many times the price, thanks to the use of their superior PSC Solid conductors in a Double Balanced configuration with foamed polyethylene dielectric, and 100% coverage foil shield. Coral/CQ is terminated with the AudioQuest Gold Plated RCA plug with FEP Dielectric.    $99.00 1 meter pair

HUGE SAVINGS on AudioQuest GBC Speaker Cable!

AudioQuest GBC is a large 12 Gauge, 6 conductor design! With its special bass conductors, Helical Array geometry, and its large 12AWG aggregate size, the GBC delivers a tight, defined, and detailed bottom end. The special SST Spread Spectrum Technology places the 6 LGC Copper conductors in a Helical Array to produce a smooth , lifelike quality in the mid and high ranges.    $139.95 8' pair

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NEW Dragon Fly DAC by Audioquest

Audioquest AC15 H/W Power Cord

Nitty Gritty Mini-Pro 1

Nitty Gritty 1.5Fi

Nitty Gritty 1.5

Sonic Horizon Daybreak - Our Most Popular Power Cord

In todays Audiophile cable market it's hard to find a cable that is not made by a machine in China. We have one for you... the Sonic Horizon Daybreak Power Cord. It's Made In The USA, assembled by hand and terminated by a human. In addition, it easily outperforms other cords at 2 to 3 times the price. And there's a special "Low Current" version available for optimum performance with low power components like PreAmps, CD Players, etc.. And it's affordable.    $179.95

Keep Your Connectors Clean! Audioquest UltraConnect 2

Are you about to put that high quality spade lug, RCA or XLR plug into a dirty socket? Not only does the socket on your equipment need cleaning, but even that new plug will benefit from being cleaned. Any contact surface that has been exposed to air is dirty and will perform better if cleaned. AudioQuest has the ideal cleaning solution- UltraConnect 2. List price $40.00    $25.00 - Includes Shipping

HDMI Now With Ethernet Connection!!

Audioquests new line of HDMI now come with ethernet connection! We carry the full line of Audioquest HDMI cables. Chocolate is the most frequently purchased cable, but with Audioquests wide range of pricing, metal content, lengths and DBS options, you can be sure to find the cable to meet your needs. Call or email for specials and or "package deals".    $98.75 for 1 meter Chocolate

Order Your Audioquest AC-12 Power Cord Today!

Now is the time to upgrade the power cords on your equipment. The AC-12 is a 12 gauge cord offered with or without RFI ferrites and available in several lengths. Regular price $257.00, now ONLY $99.00 for 1 meter. Quantities Limited to stock on hand.    $99.00 Includes Shipping